Blue Jay perching in blue flowers. 

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About Our Wildlife & Animal Keepsakes...

Original Clay Sculptures by Jaclin.

Each of our designs starts with a simple ball of clay and a photograph or line drawing.  Sculpting tools, both common and hand made, mold the clay to resemble the flat images they're based on.  Depending on the texture and form, each sculpture takes about 5-8 hours to complete. 

After the sculptures are completed, mold material is applied by hand and once the molds have set, they're trimmed and ready to be used. 

Christmas ornament unfinished white castings and hand painted decorations.

Unfinished opaque tan casting and hand painted decoration.
A somewhat flexible casting material is applied by hand in the molds and then the molds are filled.  Once the castings are ready, they're unmolded and each casting is trimmed with a knife.  The flat-one-side castings are now ready to be painted. 

Painting my Robin castings.

Castings are painted in small batches of 3 to 18 pieces. Depending on the color, it takes 2-4 coats of water base acrylic paint to cover the castings.  All decorations are painted by hand.  Some decorations are also airbrushed for a softer look.  Only the front of each casting is painted... the back in left unfinished (the white or tan casting material) so a magnet can be glued to the back, if desired. 

Because of the hand painted nature of our decorations, paint patterns, boundaries and colors batches will vary.

Hand painted wildlife ornaments drying overnight.
Our hand painted keepsakes are allowed to dry overnight.  The unfinished back of each decoration is marked with the copyright notice.

Included with each decoration is a ceramic magnet that can be glued to the unfinished back of the decoration.  We recommend Gorilla Super Glue.   Note: As a non-returnable special order, we are happy to attach the magnet before we ship at no additional charge.  Just include a note with your order. 

Our keepsake decorations can be enjoyed as Christmas ornaments, decorative magnets and floral ornaments. Next, each painted casting is finished as a decoration that can either hang or perch.

Finishing Evergreen Classics wildlife and animal keepsake ornaments.

Eye-pins for hanging decorations and our special green wire clips for perching designs.

Hanging decorations have a looped eye-pin glued in place.  This allows the finished decoration to hang on a standard wire Christmas tree ornament hook, clear line, a colorful ribbon or cord.

Perching decorations are fit with our special green wire clip. Each clip is formed by hand using pliers.  The green plastic is trimmed from the top to expose the inner wire.  A hole is drilled in the bottom of the painted decoration and the pin is inserted.  It's now ready to use.  Holding the clip (not the ornament), gently but firmly press the clip on a sturdy evergreen bough... you can slightly pinch the bottom to help it stay in place. 

Black Capped Chickade with green wire clip perching on an evergreen branch.
Decorations are placed in a plastic bag and packed in a paper, cotton filled gift box.

Care Instructions:  When not in use, wrap each decoration individually with tissue paper. Store in a dry place away from excess heat.  Our keepsakes are for decorative use only and contain small pieces.  Not a toy- keep out of the reach of children and pets.

Chipmunk, Trumpeter, Squirrel, Red Fox, Polar Bear, Cottontail, Goldfinch Ornaments

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