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Gray Squirrel

New Cottontail Rabbit Sitting

American Goldfinch Perching
Trumpeter Swan landing amongst lilacs.
Trumpeter Swan Landing


Blue Jay perching in the blue and white Veronica flowers.
New Blue Jay Perching
Baltimore Oriole in the quince bush.
Baltimore Oriole

Black Bear

Red Fox Sitting

Evening Grosbeak in the white lilac bush.
Evening Grosbeak
  Chipmunk sitting on the lawn with dandelions.
Chipmunk Sitting

Northern Cardinal Perching 
  Polar Bear in the Lilacs
olar Bear

Whitetail Buck jumping in the orange and yellow Petunias.
tail Buck Jumping
  Robin in flight over yellow Petunias.
Robin in Flight

Bull Moose Walking
Great Horned Owl Christmas decoration.
reat Horned Owl
Longhair white cat sitting.
onghair White Cat Sitting
  Rose Breasted Grosbeak on a Crabapple branch.
Rose-Breasted Grosbeak
Raccoon walking through autumn leaves.

Old English Sheepdog with bunny ears and tail.
Old English Sheepdog- Bunny
Old English Sheepdog holding a balloon.
Old English Sheepdog- Balloon
Old English Sheepdog angel with wings and halo.
Old English Sheepdog- Angel
Old English Sheepdog in a tutu.
Old English Sheepdog- Dance Lessons


Old English Sheepdog Ornaments

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